ISO 14001 for business

Businesses that job alongside us can obtain identical results from environmental management as larger corporations. Smaller companies simply have tighter budgets and less time to spend on ISO Certification. we tend to conjointly recognise that ISO 14001 will cut your carbon footprint and save money over time. That’s why we teamed up with Compassrose LTD to help service your system if required.


We can assist you to stay commercially successful while not being dominated by environmental responsibilities. And you’ll presently discover the way to meet high client expectations, legal needs, and tender requests in the future.


The Benefits of ISO 14001 Environmental Management


Working towards ISO 14001 certification provides your company with the opportunity to:

  • Audit current processes and procedures
  • Use a clear structure to develop an environmental plan
  • Implement the plan throughout your business for consistent results
  • Monitor the outcomes
  • Make further improvements


Whilst ISO certification is a company led process, Aequalis provides expert support to guide you through to certification. We have a 100% success rate, and our advice is always tailored to your business.

When your business has achieved ISO 14001 certification, it will have earned a globally recognised standard.

This can benefit your operations in the following ways

  • Adherence to regulatory and industry requirements
  • Increased credibility
  • Access to new markets and business opportunities
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Reduction in spend on energy, water and waste management
  • Greater customer satisfaction


Leading by Example


There’s no need to wait until plastic tax or another environmental levy is enforced. Unilever, Coca Cola and Dell are among leading brands that have publicly backed environmental action. Many other businesses have already taken their responsibilities seriously. Through ISO 14001, they have transformed their operations and below are three examples:

Shades of Comfort states that ISO 14001 led to the company being awarded prestigious contracts. It has also improved both employee and client confidence in the brand.

Tata Global Beverages recognises that ISO 14001 has contributed to efficiency and consistency in operations, whilst reducing costs. The company now feels confident that they can deliver the best standards of practice.

Legal and regulatory compliance led Laminar Medica to achieve ISO 14001 certification. Access to new business, more effective management and reductions in energy and waste costs have been beneficial side effects.


With becoming Carbon Neutral providing such a huge part of the Government responsibility it is only a matter of time until companies are encouraged to move to a more sustainable way of working. ISO14001 can be your link to helping your company play its part.

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