Save cosmetics through better GMP understanding.
Cosmetic regulations worldwide express the need to produce cosmetic products according to ’Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which means that they are safe and healthy.

Meeting this GMP standard will increase your competitive advantage on the market and you will gain confidence within the company. We help your company to prepare for authority inspections or ISO 22716 certification, ensure GMP compliance of your supply chain and contract manufacturer. Auditing your GMP system will prove compliance to the standard. 



Within the Cosmetic Industry it is a common practice to partner with a contract manufacturing organisation to provide specific expertise and support for the completion of the project. Deciding on the right partner for the contract manufacturing organisation can be challenging.

Conducting a due diligence audit of the Cosmetic manufactures facility and operations is essential before contract approval of the potential candidate.

Aequalis experts performs due diligence audits and provide an overview of strengths and potential weaknesses of the Quality Management System (QMS) implemented at the selected candidate.


The quality compliance assessment includes the following subsystems as a minimum:

  • Quality System, including Personnel, Qualification & Validation, Quality Risk Management, Documentation, Computerised Systems, Continual Improvement
  • Materials Control System
  • Premises, Facility and Equipment System
  • Production System, including Utilities
  • Laboratory System
  • Packaging System
  • Warehousing and Distribution System

You can rely on our expertise and guidance during the whole due diligence process and bring in many years of experience. We ensure permanent confidentiality of documents and data in conjunction with GMP audit mandates. Audit reports are accurate, impartial, and fair and further commented and discussed with our client before the final distribution to the auditee.

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