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The safety of cosmetic products is an issue often on the minds of manufacturers, suppliers, and regulators alike. Numerous regional and international standards have been created over the years in order to enhance the quality and safety of cosmetic products, in many instances specifically addressing requirements for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. Recently the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) published new guidance on the safe manufacturing of cosmetic products under a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regime.

Developed in response to the recently updated EU Cosmetics Regulation, the ISO 22716 also has direct links to many other cosmetic regulations in place around the world. As such regulators in several countries and regions have adopted this standard, ISO 22716, effectively replacing existing guidance and standards.


Is implementing ISO 22716 mandatory?

In some regions, GMP for cosmetics is endorsed and highly encouraged by national authorities but are not mandatory. However, in other areas, GMP is a legal requirement for cosmetic manufacturers. For example, in Europe, the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 necessitates that any cosmetic product aimed at selling to the EU market must comply with the cosmetic GMP guidelines outlined by ISO 22716.

Implementing ISO 22716 is an effective way to comply with legal regulations related to consumer safety and product quality. Requirements for GMP in cosmetics can vary, but having a management system in place has several benefits.

Who needs ISO 22716?

While every company can benefit from an ISO 9001 management system, the ISO 22716 provides a comprehensive approach for those who work in the manufacturing, packaging, testing, storage, and transportation of finished cosmetic products. The term ‘cosmetic’ refers to any goods or materials intended to augment, enhance, purify, or cleanse one’s face or body. These can range from makeup to perfumes, as well as body and hair products.

While certain companies achieve ISO 22716 implementation out of necessity, numerous businesses see this as a strategic move due to the vast benefits that an ISO management system offers.

Why is ISO 22716 important?

ISO 22716 covers all aspects of the supply chain and determines the criteria for quality during different stages. It provides a comprehensive approach for those who work throughout the various cosmetic manufacturing stages, including the purchase of raw materials, components, and packaging material.

The benefits of ISO 22716 are vast and can be unique to your particular business. However, benefits of ISO 22716 include:

  • Reducing cosmetic product hazards and promotes Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Ensuring quality and safety compliance of cosmetic products within the supply chain
  • Adhering to an internationally recognized achievement
  • Supporting legal compliance from international regulators
  • A flexible approach which applies to organizations of all sizes and integrates with other standards, such as ISO 9001

How do I get ISO 22716 certified?

The process of getting ISO 22716 certified usually follows these steps:

  • Consultation with an ISO consultant and initial discussion of ISO
  • Initial Assessment (GAP Analysis)
  • Production of Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Certification through an accredited certification body

It all starts with a free consultation with one of our experts in ISO certification. We will establish through our initial discussion the best and most relevant standard for you and your customers’ requirements, and provide a fully tailored, fixed-fee quote with a simple, flexible client agreement.

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